Thursday 7 June 2012

What is Print Screen? - Use of Print Screen button

Print Screen is very useful button available on computer keyboard. This button allows user to capture computer screen shot. In other words it helps user to create image of what is visible on the monitor screen.

How to take a Print Screen / Screen Shot:

Press the button "Print Screen" once available on the keyboard, then open any image editor software such as paint and just paste that image (go to top menu bar and click edit > paste). And its done, it will paste the image visible on the monitor at the time user presses the "Print Screen" button. Now save that image in your required format such as JPG, PNG etc.

One more option available in Print Screen:

Press "Alt + PrintScreen" button. It will capture the image of app or window open on top. In other words if multiple app or windows are open it captures the image of app which is on the top. Rest is same open the paint and paste the image.

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