Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Useful "Keyboard Shortcut" of browser window - Very useful for web surfer.

At many times we mistakenly close wrong browser window which was not supposed to be closed and then we regret oh! no!.
But if you know some of the important shortcut keys it will be very helpful.

Below is the some of the shortcut keys:

1) Ctr+Shift+T :  to reopen the closed tab (repeat to open all the closed tabs one by one)
2) Ctr+w : to close the browser tab

3) Ctr++ : zoom in
4) Ctr+- : zoom out
5) Ctr+0 : actual size from zoom
6) Ctr+n : open new window
7) Ctr+t : new tab
8) Ctr+F : to find some text on the webpage
9) Ctr+H : to open browsing history
10) Ctr+R : to reload the page

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