Saturday, 5 November 2011

Want to become a web designer, learn these four important things.

These are the minimum things needs to learn to become a web designer.
1) Illustrator
2) Photoshop
4) CSS
5) Flash

One should also know computer basic before learning these things. To be very creative is different thing and to learn these software, language are different. The most important in web design field is that one should have interest in learning design.

1) Illustrator:
Illustrator is software mainly to design vector graphics, It's good to learn Illustrator so that one can design icons/ or any vector graphics.

2) Photoshop:
Photoshop is software where layouts are designed or created, it is also very best software for any type of image manipulation. In Photoshop we can design different types on layouts, layouts for web,  mobile website and application etc.   
3) HTML:
HTML ( Hipper text markup language ) is language to create web page. Once the layout is designed in Photoshop, layout is sliced for the HTML coding.

Under HTML coding, pages are created and these pages we can see in Web browsers. 

4) CSS:
Cascading style sheets (CSS) are very important coding. While creating HTML page content are formatted with the help of CSS. CSS helps to give better look to text content, we can align the text, color the text, even we can give desired size to text.

Under CSS we can also create table-less structure (where table are not used for creating html). Most important thing about the CSS is that we can make changes in CSS any time and multiple pages can be controlled or manipulated.  

5) Flash:
Flash is animation software, in web design used mainly to create animated banners or animated website. In flash we can create complete website. Flash is not much preferred now a days because flash is not SEO friendly. 

Learn the above four things and enjoy!.

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