Friday, 18 May 2012

What is software testing? And what is the work of software tester?

Software Testing:

When any software or application is created, it is tested before releasing it for sale or use. It can be any type of software or application created for the website, mobile device, kiosk, tv etc.

Tester's Work:

Testing software:
Once the application or the software is created/ developed, tester check the software thoroughly. Tester's job is to check the functionality of each part of the application to ensure each part work properly.

Application is tested on the device it is created for. In other words tester's work is to find errors in the software, if any.

Reporting the errors:
If the tester finds any error in the software he reports those errors to the developer to rectify the errors.

Once the errors are rectified/ removed by the developer tester re-tests those errors to ensure that the errors are removed and the software is working properly.

Once the complete testing is done. The software is ready for release.


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