Thursday, 15 December 2011

Website browser optimization?

Browser optimization means, website is optimized so that the website opens/displays in all the browsers properly in terms of design and functionality.

For website browser optimization, website is tested in all the major browsers such as Firefox, Internet explorer (ie), Chrome, Safari etc. Under testing process, if any errors are found are removed. Mainly changes are done in codding of HTML, CSS, JS etc. to remove errors and to optimize the website.

If the website is not browser optimized website may not runs properly in all the browsers. Site may run in one browser properly and may not run properly on other browser. Hence browser optimization is very important for website, so that it display properly in all the browsers.

While optimization of website it is also checked that website should also work properly in the older version of browsers. It cannot be fully optimized for the older version browsers, hence optimization is done up to the max possibility in terms of display of the website. 

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