Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Process Of Website Design

Following are the right process of web design generally designers follow while creating a website:

1) Design Brief           
2) Wireframe              
3) Layout Design 
4) Client Approval
5) HTML Codding
6) Site Testing

1) Design Brief:
First the designer receives design brief.
Design brief contains all the requirement specified or required by the client.
On the basis of the design requirement, designer starts his design thought process.

2) Wireframe:
Wirframe is basic structure or a rough idea of layout are created on a peace of paper.

In other words Wireframe is a line diagram or a outline structure were its decided what to show on homepage. Wireframe normally shows type of navigation, position of the navigation,what to show on left part of the page and what on the right part of the page, how to show footer etc.

There are Various ways to create wireframes, it can be created on paper or on software such as Microsoft excel, Balsamiq, Visio, Cacoo etc.

3) Layout Design:
Once the wireframe is created on the basis of the client requirement, designer start the mockup design (layout design) of the website.

Before designer actually starts the layout design he checks various similar website on the internet for better ideas. Sometimes client also provides url of some sample of website they like.

4) Client Approval:
Once the design is ready, design is shown to the client for the final approval.
Here if the client likes the designs he gives the changes if he wants to do any changes.

Once all the final changes are done and the client gets the satisfaction he approves the design.

5) HTML Codding
After the design is approved the HTML codding starts as per the layout created. Generally codding includes HTML, CSS, and java script.

6) Site Testing:
Once the codding is done. Files are uploaded on the server for the final testing of the site.
Site is uploaded as a test link. Designer checks whether all the designs appearing properly or not. After designer uploads and tests the site. The site is tested again completely by the tester(person allocated to test the website). Here tester test the site thoroughly which normally includes testing of design, all links, forms and all functionalities used on the site.

And finally after all these process website is made live.

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